Herd Bulls
"Where Phenotype Comes First" 
SB/LZF Ely 147E
Senior SimAngus Herdsire

ASA #3267759


 Sire: PVF Insight



JF Reba 736T (Built Right x Power Drive)

Owned with LZ Farms













SB Shoot 'em Up 716
Senior Angus Herdsire

AAA #18814888


 Sire:  SB Shooter 45 Upshot x DAR Ali's Blackbird 1119)


Dam: SB Peg 301 (Brilliance x TC Foreman grand daughter)













SB Shoot em Up 716.PNG
SB/LZF Hector 006H
Simmental Homozygous Polled/Homozygous Black

ASA #3748597


 Sire: Relentless


Dam: MS SB LZF Lucky Maid 55C 'Laney" (Broker x SB 531 donor)

owned by: 

TFC Farms / Brad Tobey  Dewit, IA

Sisco Brothers Cattle Company  Syracuse, NE

LZ Farms  Unadilla, NE

Jochimsen Cattle Company  Greentop, MO

Semen available through Cattlevisions, Genesource and owners













Hector head.jpg
Hector front.jpg

API: 129.7     BW:76      ADJWW:743       ADJYW:1321       SC:41.5 


Sire: Steel Force       Dam: PAF 7002 NI 416


Semen Available $30 


Owned with: 

Kearns Cattle Co, Rushville, NE 

Semen Available through us, Kearns Cattle

and Cattle Visions

MR SB Steel Curtain 314A

SB Shooter 

AAA #18199124


 Sire: Upshot 


Dam: DAR Ali's Blackbird 1119 (SAV Broadwalk X Lutton X TC Foreman)













SB Wide Load 1201

AAA #17502938


 Sire:Limestone Great Divide U254


Dam: PAF 7002 NI 416 (Northern Imprvement X EXT 743 X FAF Pride Ever 138) 



SB Wide Load 1201 is a full brother to SB Sisco 209